Mike is a designer with over 20 years of creative agency experience who has worked for some of the industries most renowned names, including; BrandOpus, Brandunion, Cowan, Carter Wong, Drinkworks, Echo Brand Design, Futurebrand, Fitch, Identica, Smith & Milton and Ziggurat Brands.
He is a multidisciplinary designer that has worked across many categories with experience creating identities and retail concepts, the wealth of his knowledge has been gained creating brands and packaging for FMCG sector.
Mike’s accomplishment are international, he has worked for clients of all sizes all over the world from local start-ups to multinationals that transcend continents. He has experience of working with clients across Europe and as far flung as Russia, India, Hong Kong and Japan.
“The best way a brand can get noticed is to break the category mould”, is part of Mike's mantra. This couldn’t be better illustrated than by the two of his most recent projects, Ugly Unsweet Water and Amtech Tools. Ugly, being the true challenger, does everything the water category wouldn’t normally do and Amtech positioning itself as being the consumers friend within a category of macho men.
Mike’s desire is to work for clients of all sizes, from creating new niche brands to re-invigorating the brands we all know and cherish. Ultimately, Mike’s passion is to help brands become greater!